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iT-Concept your CCTV installer in the Alpes-Maritimes. We are at your disposal to provide tailor-made solutions to realize all your projects.


Video surveillance CCTV

We offer DVR recorders (stockers), motorized PTZ domes, cameras running day and night, indoors and outdoors. The main advantage is low cost of commissioning. Ideal when high definition is not necessary. (Single thrown in doubt, check for insurance etc …)

Video surveillance CCTV IP

IP camera will be visible on the Internet, on your computer or your smartphone.
It will easily fit in your computer network. IP cameras allow to obtain images more Megapixels (HD). Image analysis software perform better optimizing the Motion Detection example. But the size of the necessities videos alot of storage space. Useful when HD is required.

CCTV Fire detection

A camera coupled to image analysis software can detect certain risk situations such as fire starts in your premises, inventory, warehouses …

Read license plates

Recognition of vehicle license plates facilitates the control of access to garages, parking etc …

CCTV for boats and yachts

Protect your yacht with video surveillance. Specific cameras exist, weather-resistant and salt spray. Thermal cameras facilitate offshore vision and enhances safety. Finally underwater cameras facilitates your navigation and offers a view of the underwater world!

Why secure premises and persons under CCTV?

Announce and make visible CCTV allows authors to deter malicious acts. Watch over your premises or property being warned away. Keep track through a digital recorder allows to provide evidence. (at the request of the police for example)

Why IP video surveillance CCTV ?

An IP camera connected to the Internet allows to be accessed anywhere on your computer, or smartphone. You can be notified at any time of an intrusion by e-mail. It integrates seamlessly with your local wifi network or on your computer.

schema video surveillance

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